The year 2016 is the best year in giving the best innovation for the healthcare technology. There are many innovations in medical devices, software, medical-related technologies, and the changes in administrating the healthcare.

Let’s have a look at the top 15 innovations made in the health sector.

  • The Star Trek Style Tricorder

This is the hand-held machine which has many functions like sensor scanning, data analysis, and for recording the data. The medical tricorder is used by the doctors for diagnosing the disease and collect bodily information about the patient.

  • Interoperability between Health Systems

Interoperability solution for the exchanging patient’s information is the technology which will give easiness to patient and doctors.

  • Robotic Nursing Assistant

This robot will help nurses to pick up the patients and to take patients to the bed or operation table. The nurses who become injured in doing all that will be safe and also the patients will be safely moved here and there.

  • Artificial Retinas

This help the people who lost their vision due to retinal degenerative diseases. This device replaces the damaged photoreceptor cells and creates the electrical stimulation required to activate the remaining healthy retinas. This is available in eyeglasses form and a miniature implantable chip.

  • Advances in Prosthetics

Most of our military men faced limbs and brain injuries this advancement in healthcare save them for that. This will save patients of spinal cord diseases, neurological diseases, and medical imputations. This will give them imputation to the natural control state of the art of prosthetic limbs.

  • Remote patient monitoring

This really helps doctors to get all information about the patients.

  • Anti-Aging drugs

You will look less than your age, scientists make a miracle and create the anti-aging drugs.

  • Tooth Regeneration

Amazing technology is that you can get your missing teeth again. Stem cells are the important one and they create the different cells which regenerate the teeth.

  • Lights that disinfect and kill bacteria
  • Electronic underwear that prevents bed sores
  • Long lasting batteries for medical devices and wearable
  • Health informatics
  • Plug a gun shot with tiny shot
  • See veins under the skin at the real time
  • Gel that stops bleeding in seconds
  • Cholesterol removing machine




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