Central Mexico is rocked on Tuesday by 7.1 magnitudes of an earthquake. This devastating earthquake kills at least 226 people because buildings distorted in plums of dust. Thousands of the people absconded into streets in pain and so many remain stuck in homes waiting for rescue.

This earthquake comes after another earthquake in the country’s south kills 90 people, and this happened as Mexicans memorialized the anniversary of a 1985 quake which also killed thousands.

Many of the buildings distorted into mounds of rubble and they were badly damaged in the populated parts of the Mexico City and also nearby states. A column of smoke from a structure in one central district in the capital.

42 people had died in the state south of Mexico City reported by Morelos Gov. Graco Ramirez on Twitter.

According to Francisco Sanchez, spokesman for the state’s Interior Department, 11 other people have died in Puebla State.

At least eight other died in The State of Mexico, which also borders the capital said by Gov. Alfredo del Mazo.

The official reports of deaths are not given immediately but the journalists witnessed that some of the people died.

The rescue teams rushed to the damaged building to rescue the people from damaged buildings and homes. Rescuers called for silence so they could listen to the people who trapped.

A 26- year-old nutritionist named Mariana Morals is the lady who participated along with rescuers. She told about the earthquake that she was in the taxi when it occurred. She out and sat on the side of the road and she said in front of her eyes after 15 minutes a three-story building fell on the ground and become clouds of dust. She wore the paper mask and she was busy with rescue brigade to clear the debris of the collapsed building.

The president of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon, “God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you.”

The primary calculations show that about 30 million people would have felt moderate shaking from Tuesday earthquake. The US Geological Survey predicts “significant casualty and damage are likely and the disaster is potentially widespread.”



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