Core banking software is the functionality that is required to run credit unions or banks. According to Strategic Information Technology, Core Banking software should be able to perform core tasks such as ease retail banking from chequing, EFT, Savings as well as teller functionality. Other duties a core banking software should handle include mortgages, loans, Investments, Clearing, Web banking, Term deposits, Accounting as well as clearing. Core banking software must also accommodate third-party interfaces such as CANNEX, FundServ, ATM &ABM, loan insurance, Equifax and TransUnion.

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Key Competencies of Core Banking Software

Adaptable banking environment

Core banking software creates a flexible and agile banking environment that enable a bank to adopt the different shifts in the business and be in a position to continually align itself with the various business needs. It also allows the company to handle their customers proactively as well as deliver their products faster and more consistently.

Automated Operating environment

Using core banking software, it is quite easy to improve the performance or the back office. This is done by monitoring the operations as well as predicting the performance without forgetting to stimulate the outcome of the business. Core business software achieves automation by being able to dynamically change the workflow of the organization in real time.

Streamlined operating environment

Banks help align business operations and technology using the common duplicated banking architecture and infrastructure that reduce redundancy. The core banking software helps drive our costs and complexities and in the long run, increase the flexibility of the organizations.

Achieve standardized business process

Using core business software organizations can deliver the much-needed business capabilities much faster and help introduce modular business services. The business services are comprised of shared data, common business rules, and processes that are configured quickly to get new products as well as services in the market while having fewer risks and costs.

What Are the Characteristics of Smart Core Banking Software?

Core banking software will help a bank achieve its true agility. The system is expected to help the bank operate much efficiently in future and assist in responding to the following changes:

The business model

A smart core banking system will support the business in fully leveraging the modular components to help smoothly integrate most of the existing processes with the process of the new suppliers, partners as well as customers.

Customer’s insights

A smart core banking system will help integrate the needs as well as help segment the needs of the customers to help achieve full agility for the organizations

The product and portfolio services

This will include the complex offering that will require swift development and integrations

The internal environment

The internal environment consists of the bank’s organization, the employee base as well as the risk appetites and not forgetting the other factors that require enterprise-wide information and implementation. An excellent core banking system should ensure that all these are integrated seamlessly.

Chanel use

This is driven by a flexible platform that will enable fast and easy channel addition enhancement as well as integration.

Regulatory requirements

The core banking software of choice should adhere to the statutory requirement as stated by law.

What to Look for When in The Market for Core Banking Software

With the knowledge of what the system is supposed to achieve for an organization, the following are things to look out for before buying a core banking software.

Meet targets

The primary objective of any bank is to meet its target. Every segment of the organization has its goals to accomplish at the end of each quota. Hence the reason to ensure that the system acquired will help the organization achieve its results.

The cost

The programmer purchased should have a significant return on Investments. The banks, therefore, need to ensure that the system in question fits its financial plan. Also, remember that anything with a sensible price will undoubtedly offer more to your organization.


Every organization should endeavour to invest in a product that will serve them in the long run. Look for a system that does not require fast substitutions.


This is a crucial factor to consider as time is the most essential sympathy for any specialist. The product you choose should not be time-consuming for both the workers and the clients.


For the system to achieve reliability the organization selling should be willing to offer a test. This will help the bank see if there are any issues with the system before purchasing it. The vendor, therefore, is dependable to offer any needed changes.

Seller notoriety

This is meant to help the organization see if the vendor has offered the services to any other organization and if so, what the performance of the system was.

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