The Germany-based multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, Adidas and Nike partnered with Bitmoji to offer football fans an opportunity to wear the World Cup kits virtually. Now, football fans can choose as well as express their feelings toward the World cup with their friends through hundreds of cartoon images.

Bitmoji users will choose England’s official white Nike kit, the white Adidas kit of Germany, the yellow Nike jersey of Brazil. Moreover, Adidas offers kits of Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Egypt. Nike offers England’s official white kit, the yellow jersey of Brazil, France, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Australia and South Korea’s kits.

Bitmoji users can use the virtual kit through Snapchat in stickers and 3D Bitmoji in Gmail Extension and Google Chrome.

Creator of Bitmoji, Ba Blackstock said, “Football fans are passionate and creative, and with Bitmoji kits, we’re giving supporters a new way to show their love of the game.” Further, Blackstock added, “Fans can choose from hundreds of cartoon images and 3D experiences to express how they are feeling about the World Cup and share this instantly with friends.”

Nike recently in news for its clothing lie drops after US Naval Academy claims trademark infringement. A multimedia messaging app, Snapchat launched an AR shopping app with Adidas and Coty.





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