A 20-year-old Ethan Couch well-known as affluenza teen leaves the Tarrant County Jail in Texas after spending two years behind the bar for probation violation after killing four in a drunk driving crash. Ethan Couch set to walk free, but critics say he can’t outrun the outrage triggered by his 2013 drunk driving escapade that left four dead.

Couch’s lawyer said, “He went over to supervision, which is our probation.” Further, his legal team said, “From the beginning, Ethan has admitted his conduct, accepted responsibility for his actions, and felt true remorse for the terrible consequences of those actions.” Further, they added Couch will serve the staying six years of his group supervision under the terms forced by the court which mainly includes sticking to a 9 pm curfew, wearing a tracking device, taking regular drug tests and so on.

Couch’s medical tests stated that he was drunk as well as high on marijuana and doctor prescribed prescription when he smashed his truck into an SUV that had turned out to be stranded on the side of the road. At least 9 were injured and four people were killed in the crash on a rural road in Burleson.

In 2015, Couch was shot drinking alcohol, he and his mom at that point fled to Mexico. Tonya Couch, Ethan’s mom was accused of upsetting dread of a known criminal and tax evasion yet was discharged in the wake of posting bond.


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