Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Bezos has a new best friend. People may have seen Boston dynamic spot many dogs like a robot that can open the door. Jeff Bezos got a chance to take a SpotMini for a walk at a robotics conference, also played the bottle flip game against a robot.

Jeff Bezos tweeted a photo of the pair from Amazon’s annual robotics conference with captioned, “Taking my new dog for a walk at the #MARS2018 conference.” On 19th March 2018, the company invite-only robotics conference, which eyes robotic trends and space and machine-learning and on next day took it to a more competitive level as he played ping-pong with a robot with a large piece of metal holding a red bat.

SpotMini might look familiar that generated buzz for opening a door by itself. According to Boston Dynamics, SpotMini is a nimble robot that handles objects as well as climbs stairs and at the same time, it will operate in homes and outdoors.

When the robot was first introduced in 2016, it looked a bit different, but its new version can do all the same tricks as its predecessor such as load a dishwasher or pick itself back up after a fall. A year ago, Jeff Bezos wore a 14-foot tall robot suit outlined by South Korean organization Hankook Mirae.

Amazon as of late reported its procurement of the “keen” doorbell organization Ring, 20 North American urban communities are giving the first-class reception to pull in the organization’s second base camp and he’s the wealthiest man ever.



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