An American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon’s new tool allows users to visualize items inside their homes using augmented reality technology before making any kind of purchase.

Online shopping trending from last couples of years but most of the time people quite disappointed from it as they don’t have any idea how it’s going to look in real time so to overcome from this the retail giant Amazon adds augmented reality function to its Android app.

Picturing a new space is exactly a challenge. Amazon’s AR feature gives people chance to try that thing before they buy it. Amazon’s new feature allows seeing how different items will look before you buy them. Amazon customer using Apple or Android device can see exactly what that furniture, home décor or any other thing might look like inside their home without ever having to purchase it.

The retail giant joining a growing list of the companies offering latest augmented reality technology. From IKEA target to Sephora and benefits which let you give makeup a virtual test run and it’s just a beginning. People appreciating incredible technology and they are like what would something look like in my home.

This is just a beginning and the future going to get the lot better as well as the lot stronger than the technology is today. This feature can be used with anything such as clothing and lot of stores are looking at how to incorporate the technology more into the store experience as well. People could even open a box without having to actually open a box, even it is possible to move the things as per the choice.




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