Sometimes Unmanned Airborne Vehicles or UAV’s tasks suffer from disruptions because of the different malfunctions and unsuitable weather conditions. The delivery giant Amazon patents possibility plan for directed fragmentation for UAV used in deliveries.

Drone continuously informs to the flight path, terrain information and flying conditions too. Terrain topology data can identify certain preferred locations for dropping components of the unmanned airborne vehicles. The terrain topology information capable of identifying open fields, bodies of water and few places suitable for dropping components of the UAV when malfunctions occur. Terrain topology information can recognize highways and surface streets, industrial buildings and developments, recreational areas along with artificial features.

The patent document expressed that drone would dismantle on a various situation such as unexpected cold, heat and other meteorological conditions. High winds make it difficult to control the flight operations, whereas High heat result in failure of the battery and other components can unexpectedly malfunction for various reasons. It is possible to release one or more component of the UAV during fragmentation sequence. During the process, the other UAV factors can be altered such as speed, air drag coefficient, momentum, the weight.

The drone’s systems part could be released using hooks, springs, and latches. There’s attention to cost, among other factors, in what gets jettisoned. It is not confirmed that the patent would turn to the actual system. However, the conceivable outcomes of such drone disappointment show that some arrangement is required before the organization begins conveying products by means of drones.



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