Not too many devices or smartphone has got Android Oreo just yet, but Android P Developer Preview 1 has arrived for the developers which allow them to update their applications. This released source that there are quite of new features in store for Android users, but all user need to have is Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL to try this out. Android P Developer Preview 1 not supported on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. As the preview is only for Pixel users, but the users who are not signed up as a developer they will get a chance to try preview using command line tools. With ‘Android Emulator’, the developer can test their apps.

Android P has arrived to disclose small changes to the OS as well as API which allows the application developer to give feedback on new features before final released. Google all set to release its next iteration mobile compatible operating system this year.

Google Vice President of Engineering, Dave Burke stated, “The preview is only for the developers as not go flashing your main phone with this and assume it will be usable day to day”.

Google’s ‘Display Cut-out Support’ feature will probably gather most discussion about built-in support for a notch cutting into the display at the top of the screen. Developers will be able to test how their full-screen apps will work with notches.

Other features include a new look for notifications from messaging apps, as it allows the developer to include recent lines of conversation or simple a ‘Smart Replies’. Apart from this, Android P presenting a standard dialog box UI for when apps want to verify identity with a thumbprint.

Android P restricts developer to access microphone when the app runs in the background. Android P also supports image codecs and video including HDR VP9 and HEIF and company also promises on enhancing the media API for easy use. It’s Wi-Fi RTT feature allowing the app to get indoor positioning data as it works by measuring several Wi-Fi access points.

Google released a video to go over these features from developers’ perspective while including sample code on how to implement functionality in real-time.


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