Apple is reportedly working on producing its own screens for its devices at a secret manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley, In the past, Apple has gotten its screens from other companies. The first device with a screen made by the apple will be the watch users won’t see it for a few years.

Apple looking forward to building their own capability in-house like processors, so it’s another step for Apple to moving in this direction. The tech giant producing the next-generation MicroLED screens that use different light-emitting compounds than the current OLED displays. The company promises to build the next-gen screen brighter, slimmer less power-hungry.

Apple’s latest move could help to replace LG Display, Japan Display, Samsung and many more. The screens are much harder to create than OLED shows, and the organization nearly slaughtered the venture a year and specialists have since been gaining ground and the innovation is currently at a propelled arrange.

Apple’s MicroLED innovation would enable the company to emerge in a developing cell phone showcase that has possessed the capacity to tout unrivaled screens. Chief Executive Officer at DisplayMate Technologies, Beam Soneira said, “Everybody can purchase an OLED or LCD screen,” he says. “Be that as it may, Apple could claim MicroLED.” Further, he added, “It is a brilliant opportunity for everyone.”

The company has scheduled a media event for next Tuesday, so the focus of the event is going to be students and teachers. The announcement comes amid widespread speculation that Apple will unveil its new iPad sometime this month.

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