A German automobile manufacturer and member of Volkswagen Group, Audi has set the goal for itself only. The company planning to sell around 800,000 battery-electric by 2025 and assumes to earn approximately profit of $1.2 billion. Audi seeks to catch up with electric car rival Tesla.

The company said in the statement that it eyes to launch 20 electrified vehicles by 2025 however, the company declined to provide detail numbers about how many fully battery electric vs. how many hybrid cars. Last year, the German automaker approximately sold 16,000 semi-electric vehicles.

Audi’s image has been smudged by administrative tests researching what part its architects may have played in planning motor administration programming to cheat current outflows tests.

Audi CFO Alexander Seitz said, “We are accelerating the global rollout of new, profitable business models in those areas we believe will be material to our industry in future.” Further, Alexander added, “This will allow Audi to protect its high margins despite significant investments.”

The company said it would launch the cars without operating margin target. In August, Audi will launch the e-Tron SUV that has helped to make Audi VW group’s main profit driver.

Furthermore, the company stated that it is installing a central product management to the CEO to steer the planning of digital products and its investment program worth about $47.4 billion. Audi is looking to step up cost savings beyond a goal of 10 billion to maintain profits.

Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler said, “We want a tad more.” Further, he added, “In electric mobility, we want to become the number one among the premium manufacturers.”


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