US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary nominee Ben Carson poses for photos before a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the Capitol in Washington, DC, on December 7, 2016. / AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

An American neurosurgeon and politician, Ben Carson under pressure for his spending an office furniture including dining set for $31000. They are now canceling that order.

It’s that department who supposed to look out for the poorest Americans, but the housing agency is under fire for its own alleged lavish spending. A representative says housing secretary Ben Carson didn’t ask for his staff to spend more than $31000 on opulent dining furniture for his office, well above the $5000 limit. But that order is canceled.

Ben Carson is one of the six trump administration officials under scrutiny for allegedly wasting taxpayer money, funding trips, first class tickets even a $30,000 secure phone booth for an office. Just before a couple of days, a scathing report found veterans affairs secretary David Shulkin misled ethics officials and cost taxpayers $122,000 on a European tour.

In July, Shulkin along with wife traveled to Copenhagen and London. Three and half day were sent to official meetings and rest of the day trip, mostly sightseeing. Investigator says Shulkin and his wife treated one V.A staffer as personal travel concierge.

The head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt has been criticized for his frequent first-class travel but afterward, he stated that he will be flying back to coach. And as the secretary Shulkin, he has since paid back the government the cost of his wife travel and those Wimbledon tickets.

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