The MSP Communications Platform, BVoIP handshakes with the Heartland Technology Group within APAC and United States to expands plans. The communication platform integrates with MSP worldwide to expand cloud communication in a huge manner. BVoIP managed Service Provider’s attack voice as well as unified communication, also helps Information Technology.

An international consulting and peer group organization, Heartland Technology Group operates with IT Consulting firms around the world to provide peer engagement and best practices about the work. BVoIP helps HTG to grow and develop their businesses. The group offers everyone the best suitable program to go the HTG Way.

Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliances at BVoIP, Alec Stanners stated that 2017 was an incredible year for BVoIP in the United States as well as APAC markets and a new partnership was a great fit as they have potential to introduce unique things and get a great response.

HTG Members explore their adventure with world-class HTG experts and facilitators who esteem sharing knowledge, giving responsibility and building significant connections, Igniting Transformation always.

The MSP Communication Platform, BVoIP outlined its program to not only cooperates with their current frameworks and instruments but to help MSP’s with an offering to institutionalize their Unified Communications offering to their clients. BVoIP is right now accessible in North America, Europe, and the New Zealand Regions.

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