An Air Canada flight was preparing for take-off when a cell phone caught fire and firefighters walk through the cabin when they came to know about the incident. One of the passengers stated that people started jumping out of their seats and it is like small campfire sliced flame.

A passenger on the flight, Brandon Scott said that if the incident was happened after some time, up in the air then it would have been difficult situation to handle.

Around 266 passengers were aboard Air Canada flight 101. The flight was at the gate and preparing to depart for Vancouver when passengers cell phone started to burn. The incident occurred Thursday morning approximately at 7 a.m. and Boeing took off after a two-hour delay.

Air Canada issued the statement, “The fire was immediately extinguished by the crew and there was no damage to the aircraft, however, the owner of the phone suffered injuries and was treated by emergency services who attended the aircraft”.

Air Line Pilots Association stated that cell phone fires tend to be a small and it can be put out quickly as such fires aren’t a concern for pilots.

Technical Analyst, Carmi Levy says these fires are common. Further, he added that when it works lithium ion is the great technology for mobile devices but if the battery is damaged or if it runs hot or if something wrong with the device, it could be, essentially bomb in the pocket.



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