The another sad news about the London is that the death toll reached to 17 and the most hurtful is the statement of rescuers who don’t expect to find anyone else alive in the West London block flats. These flats were engulfed by massive fire, the fire service says.

The fire Commissioner of London Dany Cotton said: “there were still unknown numbers of people in the smoldering ruins of Grenfell Tower, in North Kensington”.

People of the London have been dreadfully looking for news of missing family and friends after 17 of the people were confirmed dead in this incident. The Queen has said her “thoughts and prayers” are with the affected families.

The latest facts and figures are that more than 30 people remain in the hospital, 17 of whom are in critical condition.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who made a brief private visit to the scene, made the promise of the full investigation, as many questions are asked about the speed at which the fire is spread.

  • Latest updates, Death toll expected to increase
  • Baby caught after being dropped to safety from tower
  • What we know so far

On Wednesday at 00:54BST the firefighter were called on the 24 stories residential tower and at that time hundreds of people were inside, and most of them were sleeping. Many of them were woken by their neighbors and shouts from below and fled the building.

The firefighter team saved 65 adults and children, but some stayed in their homes and they were trapped by the smokes and flames.

The next day in the morning Mr. Cotton who is the Fire Commissioner said a brief search of all floors in the tower had been carried out but the severity of the fire and amount of debris meant a thorough search would be “difficult and painstaking”.

It took more than 24-hours but the reason of the fire is still unknown.

Pictures and messages in English and Arabic have been left for the loved ones who left this world in this tower which is caught by fire. Along with these messages, people also said words of anger and calls for justice and they were saying their safety concerned did not listen.

Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council, Roy Wilsher said, if the fire spread up the outside of the tower, sprinklers might not have been made a difference. Design and regulations for such tower blocks mean fire should contain in a single flat, clearly, something’s gone wrong in this case”.



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