Philadelphi-based a technology-focused marketing consultancy, DemandLab handshakes Informatica to extend its data capabilities to enterprise business leaders. This partnership expands DemandLab’s current offering in data architecture and data governance.

This partnership will power Informatica’s expertise to improve company’s offers for its clients. The company will benefit from Informatica’s broad product suite conveyed through the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

Through this association, DemandLab will provide in-depth expertise to enterprise business leaders, enabling organizations to use data to generate deeper business insights and extends the data capabilities related to data architecture, big data, and data science.

DemandLab’s Chief Executive Officer, Rhoan Morgan stated that the world is driven by data and through this partnership will be able to highlight data’s true value. The company already offering data services to the clients.

Additionally, Rhoan Morgan expressed the value of the data recognized only if it is captured, stored, integrated, and monetized accurately and most of the organization are failed to capitalize on the wealth of the data. She added, the company make uses of creative minds, science to form data architectures, develop standards and implements data governance to reveal the true value of the data.

Regional director, Terry Moses said, “As marketing becomes an increasingly data-driven discipline, we recognize the need to partner with marketing experts like DemandLab to bring solutions like the intelligent marketing data lake into enterprise organizations”.

This partnership is the key enabler for DemandLab and will deliver exceptional value to organizations looking to better leverage data that powers digital transformation.



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