Recently, Indonesia held the Asian games. These games are held every year in Indonesia. Nevertheless, Indonesia, on the other hand, invited North Korea president Kim Jong Un to participate in the Asian games opens which will be held in Jakarta throughout this month. This invitation was necessary following the invitation of Moon Jae-in, South Korean president.

According to reports, the focus of this game will be on the two heads of state, the north, and the south Korea countries. From reports, the two presidents have an ugly history with setting with each other on the same table. This was due to the recent doubts whereby the US and North Korea agreed in denuclearization made by the US president Donald Trump which was made in Singapore in early June this year.

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is a very had leader to predict. From past agreements, North Korean president Kim Jong Un has broken his promises to over 90% of his treaties with other countries among which many unfulfilled promises and agreement including the US. Among the invited guest to the Asian games include the European and the United Nations delegation.

According to reports, this particular invitation of different countries to the Asian games by Indonesia is based on the unifying a delegation among the two countries, that is the northern and southern respectively. The games whatsoever are staged to take place between August and September thereby giving more time to the two countries having time to discuss issues on the same table with the guest host Indonesia.

Due to this invitation, Indonesia officials visited North Korea this week to meet with the supreme people’s assembly Kim Yong Nam. This visit was basically to convey the invitation to the countries leader Kim Jong Un. More so the idea was to bring enemies during this Asian Games together and let them agree or raise their issues together within the same table.

However, the greatest and the anticipated reason for the invitation of the two president is to ensure a united delegation between the two countries and more so with their allies not forgetting also Indonesia. According to experts, if the meeting takes place, then this will be a major breakthrough in history.

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