Today sect bikes a lot of drones flying around. The FAA declared that they have registered at one million drones since registration became a ruling in 2015. FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration is a national authority to regulate all the aspects aviation which includes construction of airports, aircraft certification and many more.

The total 1 Million figure consists of 878,000 hobbyists those are assigned one identification number for all the own drones and other 122,000 public, commercial drones individually registered.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Elaine L. Chao expressed the huge development in drone registration mirrors the way that they are more than apparatuses for business and exchange, however, can recognize perilous circumstances and help with disaster recovery. Further, he added that however, the big task is to cut the unnecessary hurdles to enable the safe testing and integration of this technology into country’s airspace.

Most of the drones flown as a hobby can be registered through the agency’s web-based system. Users are required to register drones online for $5 and must renew every three years. Even some unmanned aircraft must be registered using FAA’s paper-based traditional aircraft registration system.


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