Receiving awards such as the Country’s Best Beach and Best Seaside Resort, Bournemouth boasts 7 miles of golden sand, a flashback of the Victorian Era, and a mix of different floras and faunas. With its temperate oceanic climate given off by being at the border of the southern coast of England, it is considered to be one of the warmest towns in England and becomes a spa where Pine walks and Heather beds provide you with a sense of peace and relaxation. Just a few minutes of walking brings you to the adventure-filled town centre where most British-held International conventions happen. The city has the Lower, Central, and Upper Gardens which are separated by the Bourne River. The Lower Garden can be located near the shopping district, 5 minutes from the beach, and holds the Great Dorset Steam Fair. While the busy buzzers of the city are found there, a tranquil escape is what waits for you at the Central Garden. A colorful array of rhododendrons, sundews, and bog asphodels are spread wide along the path that gives you great vibes for a 5-minute walk. Not far off is the iconic Upper Garden, constructed for the Durrant family in the 1860s, is a prevalent number of trees harvested from three different continents. You would be able to grasp sights on various trees such as the North American Giant Redwood and the Swamp Cypress. One of the most protected nature reserve in Bournemouth is the Turbary Commons. This has the abundance of Heather beds, rose beds, and rhododendrons being grazed by certain species to assist in conserving the area. These flowers are available to us, and we would gladly deliver them to you or any of your loved ones.

Another go-to seaside resort is the town of Eastbourne found lying on the outskirts of East Sussex. Though the town was just recently developed by the Duke of Devonshire, it depicts human activity and inhabitation as early as the Stone Age. Known for its chalk-like sand and the famous chalk sea cliff, Beachy Head, it provides travellers that feeling of a wild escape. However, the beach, sand, and sun are not the only things that you will come to appreciate in this town. Over a hundred thousand locals urge you to seek comfort in one of the grand Victorian hotels built somewhere in the 1800s or find your peace strolling through multiple gardens in the town. The most famous garden known worldwide would be the Carpet and Seafront Garden that has sets of flowers arranged in beds, colorfully spread throughout the vicinity. Luscious flora such as tulips, geraniums, begonias, and gladiolus are formed to give you that feeling of awe. Other parts of the garden are surrounded by beds of imported flowers like the agaves found in Mexico, and cordylines and phormiums harvested all the way from New Zealand. Aside from the Carpet Garden, a few more gardens such as the Helen, Motocombe, and Italian Gardens invite you to bask in the beauty of passion flowers, roses, daffodils, and pelargoniums. We are more than capable of providing you with the delicious sight and scents of these flowers which can be delivered to your doorstep.


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