According to the BALTIMORE (BUSINESS WIRE) – The customers of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s (BGE) earned $4.6 million by reducing energy usage between the hours of 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. yesterday was the first Energy Savings Day of the summer season.

The Energy Savings Days began in the year 2013, and on the hot summer days, the customers of BGE have earned nearly $40 million through 2016 dropping energy usage during periods of topmost demand.

In these Energy Saving Days at least 70 percent of the eligible customers participate by using less energy. Well, there are two ways to save on energy practice and earn bill credits. There is a good point that there is no enrollment required by the customers for participating in Energy Savings Days, the only requirement is that the customers must have smart meters.

The way is very simple to use less electricity (by decreasing air conditioning use if health licenses, postponing using large appliances, and turning off lights) between the peak time which is 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on an Energy Savings Days and earns $1.25 for every kilowatt-hour saved compared to usual usage.

The customers who join willingly in PeakRewrds [SM] can get bill credits when their air conditioning is automatically cycled to 50 percent between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Energy Savings Days. Customers who have opted to get bill credits alerts via emails or text messages should receive that notification today. The other facility is that the customers who want to check their bill credits they can check it by logging onto their accounts at

BGE founded in1816 as the nation first gas utility, is Maryland’s major natural gas and electric utility.  Its headquarter is in Baltimore and BGE delivers power to more than 1.25 million electric customers and more than 650, 000 natural gas customers in central Maryland. The 3,200 employees approximately are committed to the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas and electricity. The other qualities of this company are that it boosted energy organization, conservation, environmental stewardship and community support.

The company expected the annual economic impact of $5 billion of output in its service area, supporting more than 9,500 local jobs and producing $923 million in labor income. BGE is the subsidiary of Exelon Corporation EXC, +0.95% the nation’s top modest energy supplier.





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