***Embargo Chicago*** Nevest Coleman talks to reporters on Monday during his first day back as a groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox

Former groundkeeper, Nevest Coleman received a big hug from Chicago White Sox. Coleman got his job back after being illegitimately trapped for murder and rape in 1994. Coleman laughed with colleagues Harry Smith at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago and looked around in wonder as he walked down the third base line. The 49-year-old spent well over two decades behind bars before being exonerated by DNA evidence.

The legendary head groundskeeper, Bossard said, “I saved your spot for you and I knew you’d be back.”  Putting his White Sox jacket back on, his first day couldn’t be more remarkable. Since 1994, Coleman been on the White Sox groundskeeping crew.

Remarkable words from the man who wrongly convicted, Coleman said, “The past is past now. There is no more anger, frustration, nothing because I know I was miserable, but now, I got my loved ones behind me, standing on my side.”

The three men cooperated on the grounds group in the 1990s. In 1997, Prosecutors pushed for Coleman to get capital punishment after his trial, however, a long queue of character witnesses defended him at his condemning hearing, including three White Sox representatives.

Coleman’s supervisor, Powe said, “Glad to see him out. Glad to see him back”. Further, Powe added, “I’m so happy for him, me and the White Sox.”


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