Founder of GM-X ERP application suite, Geoprise Technologies Corporation participated in the MultiChain Product Partner Program and has come up with world’s first ERP application called ‘GM-X’. The application is specially designed to implement blockchain technology for the business corporation.

Started in 1999, Geoprise Technologies responsible to create exceptional value for their customers by harnessing the power to lean world-class industrial operations globally. Today, Company eyes to deliver high-quality technology solution for the businesses.

MultiChain recognized as an open source platform for deploying blockchains that span multiple enterprises, also without any cost it processes around several transactions per second. CEO and Founder of Coin Sciences Ltd, Dr. Gideon Greenspan said, “We developed MultiChain by enhancing Bitcoin Core, the reference implementation for the bitcoin network, which has been thoroughly battle-tested on the open Internet”.

Newly developed GM-X ERP is specially designed to enable real-time collaboration between customers and suppliers. The application is responsible to deliver sales force automation, supplier relationship management, activity execution solutions for enterprises and other services worldwide. It incorporates an integrated workflow engine which automates collaborative businesses processes to improve productivity.

Founder and CEO of Geoprise, Nelson Nones stated security is an important concern here and strategic imperative is one of the toughest challenges for enterprises. The modern ERP application provides secured pipe between two organizations which helps to protect confidentiality and maintain control over information assets.

The GM-X ERP has an inbuilt mechanism which states that data items created by blockchain participant will mesh without collisions when it is published to common blockchain ledger. Because of this capacity, GM-X ERP is flexible than other ERP systems. Dr. Greenspan stated that the team excitedly chose MultiChain for GM-X ERP and looking forward with Geoprise by delivering pragmatic blockchain technology.


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