From last few days, the world’s most dominant online-advertising companies, Google and Facebook declared that they decided to block bail bond ads is part of a broader effort to protect users from damaging content. Both the giant will no longer connect with the Predatory Bail Industry and even it had banned ads for payday loans.

Google and Facebook move come only a month after a searing first-page report in the New York Times which recorded the exploitative idea of the revenue driven safeguard bonds industry. The two-giant stated that the move was part of a broader effort to protect users from damaging or hurtful content.

Google’s senior director of global product policy, David Graff said, “We made this decision based on our commitment to protect our users from deceptive or harmful products.” David said in the announcement the organization was induced by thinks about demonstrating that safeguard security offices benefitted off poor and minority groups, where individuals who are captured regularly should stray into the red to post court-requested bonds.

Facebook’s vice president of global policy management, Monika Bickert said, “Advertising that is predatory doesn’t have a place on Facebook.” Yet, both Google and Facebook did not respond to request for comment, however, the bail industry responded with defiance.

Moreover, executive director of the American Bail Coalition, Jeff Clayton dismissed the announcements as attempts to make the bail reform movement appear bigger. Further, the advocacy group said that Google and Facebook’s move was the example of the moral and ethical failings of the American society.




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