Google Assistant allows users to send money from a mobile device with voice commands. Google Assistant’s free service already works with Android and Apple. If the user has a Google Pay account and want to transfer money to their friends and family members then can simply perform this through their voice such as “Hey Google, request $15 from John”.

Google Assistant is a virtual partner that can deal with numerous errands for clients with a basic voice command. Now, it allows users to send cash to family or companions by means of Google Pay and company planning to roll out to Google’s smart speakers in the coming months.

Google says that the money will be exchanged ” instantaneously,” however if your companions don’t have Google Pay accounts, they’ll likewise need to set those up to money out. They’ll get an email, content or other notice instructing them to set up an account.

Google Assistant’s new capacities come as Google and Amazon are engaging each other for predominance in the new universe of digital assistants. Both tech titans are persistently adding new highlights and associations to Google Assistant, from one perspective, and Amazon’s Alexa, on the other, to remain one stage ahead.

Amazon will match with a similar service through Amazon Pay, as it’s done with past Google Assistant skills. Google Assistant’s new feature could create competition for all money transfer apps. The Google Assistant will ask to link a debit card to the account before proceeding if the user tries to send the money without having set up an account with Google Pay. As of now, the money transfer capability is only available in the US and only in the English language.




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