It is ‘Mario Time’ on Google Map this week. Google celebrating Mario special day on March 10. This month is quite enormous for unofficial holidays, but Nintendo creates excitement in user while celebrating Mario Time on Google Maps for a week. The company partnered with Mario for an innovative idea.

For a week, a google maps user can include Mario car on navigation interface replacing default arrow key while using maps. The Mario update is live in India and available for both Android and iOS. So, for a week, people will enjoy Mario’s presence on the journey.

Google has come up with innovation but it not for the first time. Prior to this, it has brought such innovation for their users such as Google brought exceptional feature on its map for celebrating the release of Star Wars and Force Awakens. Mario lovers will enjoy Google’s innovation as he will remain available as a position marker across the globe. There is a hidden Easter egg that will appear after they tap the “?” icon hundred times.

Mario day celebrated on March 10 just because Mar10″ appears to be like Mario’s spelling and it has been a major year for Mario attributable to the arrival of the absolute most astonishing recreations for its users. Google’s turn of incorporating Mario on its guide is no not as much as an accomplishment for Nintendo.

Mario developer enjoying a good time with company’s benefits and it becomes the best-selling games for Nintendo. Finally, the user can enjoy Mario ride for this week.



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