With the Motoring group AA carrying out detailed research on electric cars and more pertinently on what the public thinks of the same, it seems that more than half the young people would prefer riding an electric car and even owning one to just a quarter, of their parents’ age group. This clearly puts at rest the myth that claimed that Electric vehicles are no longer popular. On the contrary, given the various environmental issues that the world is facing, and the fact that electric cars come with zero emission is certainly helping to make them more popular among the younger age group. Check out Tesla Model 3 and you’ll see why this car appeals to the younger crowd.

With AA surveying over 10293 drivers, it soon became obvious that the auto industry still has a long way to go before the public become more accepting of electric vehicles. Those who took part in the survey managed to raise a few pertinent points such as –

  • How nearly 80% think that there are not enough charging kiosks or points for electric vehicles.
  • It seems that 76% of those surveyed are of the opinion that EVs cannot be taken for long distances.
  • The same number are under the impression that EVs expensive.
  • Over 67% think that EVs take an extremely long time to get charged.
  • And a large proportion thinks that there is not much choice when it comes to electric vehicles.

AA has recently published a few stats which effectively counters the points listed above; according to AA there are currently over 16000 charging points and that there’s more on the way with over 350 being added each day. Moreover, according to AA, it seems that the range is improving with several cars topping their anticipated range to 250 miles. And on the cost front, and the additional fact that the government in the UK is issuing grants for purchasing EVs, the cost is coming down and is expected to fall down further in the months ahead. Furthermore, with rapid EV chargers soon to be introduced, you should be able to charge your car in 30 minutes flat, for 80% of the range and that’s something. Check out some of the upcoming electric cars and you should get a better idea of what they have to offer.

According to AA’s president Edmund King, it seems that with vehicles extending their range and the cost falling down as well we should expect more sales to take place in the months ahead. He even mentioned how the auto industry should always try to innovate and focus on selling more EVs than before. He agreed that drivers need to adapt to the changing times and even change how they juice up their cars which they can do at night. He did impress the fact that EV’s are getting a new makeover as some of the latest models have shown us and the fact remains that with a good EV, the driver would still save big on the long run. He did point out that the fact that the younger generation is championing EV is truly heartwarming and encouraging.


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