We are living in the world where we are surrounded by the technology, however, the AI we have started to live with. We can see the dramatic change in the Technology era. Taking this power of AI further, IBM pitted a computer against two human debaters in the first public demonstration of AI technology, asking it to make a case for government-subsidized space research. The company has been working on more than five years.

At an event held by IBM in Watson West site, IBM’s AI system ‘Project Debater’ and the human being started the logical debate by preparing arguments for and against the statement “We should subsidize space exploration”.

IBM’s debater shaped like a monolith with TV screens. The computer system argued, “Subsidising space exploration is like investing in really good tires.” The human being and the computer system spoke for ten minutes, each while in the debate.

Further, the computer system said that such research inspires young people as well as enrich the human mind. The system delivered its argument by pulling evidence from journals, newspapers as well as from internal repository of newspapers. IBM’s debater first listened to argument from professional human debater and took a couple of time for rebutting process.

Sources information stated that ‘Project Debater’ does not entirely rely on keywords and search related document. As we know, artificial intelligence is capable of finding can actually develop a perspective on the subject, however, the system is impartial and it is not out to prove a position.

Ranit Aharonov, who manages the debater project said, “If you think of the rules of debate, they’re far more open-ended than the rules of a board game.”


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