A major global apple exporter from New Zealand, Mr Apple jointly work with leading fresh fruit importer IG International to launch a premium variety of apples. Both handshake to launch DIVA apple variant. The DIVA apples are available only for limited season especially from April to August, however, the apple variant is naturally bright red in color as well as high in flavor.

The DIVA variant is handled with great care and picked from the orchards at the right moment so that its pure taste, crispness, and aroma are passed on to the customers. The variant is deliciously sweet and crunchy.

Director at IG International Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Tarun Arora said, “Apples are highly sought-after in India for their abundant health benefits and juicy and crunchy wonders. The introduction of premium and fresh DIVA apples will help us meet the growing demand for exotic fruits in India.” Further, he added, “At the same time resonates well with the Indian consumers who have developed distinct tastes and preferences for fruits. We are happy to include one more variety of exotic apples on our list through our association with Mr Apple.”

Retail Sales Manager at Mr Apple said Mr. Ben McLeod said, “The best thing about DIVA apples is that they are grown on orchards that have access to cool ocean breezes, high-quality soil and an abundance of summer sunshine hours; all of this complements the freshness of the dishes they are added into!”

Mr. Ben McLeod added, “We are extremely confident that this sweeter-tasting apple is sure to win the hearts of many in the Indian market. Along with IG’s vast distribution network and leadership position, we are looking forward to taking off this association to greater heights.”


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