A Spanish actor Javier Bardem set sail for Antarctica on a mission to help protect the area’s unique wildlife. Living in Antarctica means surviving in the coldest, Darkest place on earth.

Strains on the ecosystem from an increase in man-made activity could push many of Antarctica’s species to the brink. Javier Bardem took a submarine to the bottom of the ocean. Bardem stated that he was amazed by what he saw.

Javier Bardem said, “When I was going down, I see a little glimpse of light really fade away about the view. It’s little scary, but don’t want to think about it too much”. Further, he added that he feels like he is in space when he touches bottom as there is no gravity.

He expressed his feelings while commenting at the bottom you are like floating and then lights go on and shades of different colors give amazing treat to eyes. It was an entirely new experience for Bardem because it was like yellows and purples and blues, fishes and starfishes that would never think. It was beyond someone’s imagination, he said.

Javier Bardem stated the change can only happen if citizens urge their governments to protect the Antarctic region and ecosystem.


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