The leader of North Korea making a rare appearance at a high-stakes meeting with South Korea, signaling what could be a major change on nuclear weapons. South Korean officials returning from talks in North Korea, including that meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

The North Korean regime wants to talk directly with the United States government to discuss denuclearization and normalizing US-North Korean relations. During such negotiations, North Korea will halt additional nuclear and missile tests.

Additionally, the North has pledged to never use nuclear or conventional weapons against South Korea. Finally, a direct hotline will be set up between the leaders of North and South Korea and another summit meeting will be held in April 2018.

South Korea delegation was told North Korea believes, if military threats are removed, they have no need for a nuclear weapon. According to the information of the source, the US government has been worried about such promises. Kim Jong-Un is just trying to peel South Korea away from its alliance with the US. North Korea’s history represents an extraordinary new chapter in the ten standoffs between the United States and North Korea and expected to be a hopeful chapter.



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