The California-based flying car company founded and backed by Larry Page, Kitty Hawk’s single-seat flying vehicle glimpse its upcoming aircraft. Google co-founder’s company has revealed ‘The Flyer’. The single-seat flying vehicle is powered by 10 battery-powered propellers.

The sources stated that the single-person recreational vehicle sports two control sticks and 10 battery-powered propellers. However, it looks like a human-sized drone. The company stated that it will go 20 miles per hour and fly up to 10 feet in the air.

Still, the company does not expose any official announcement regarding the price of the vehicle. In 2017, the company discharged a model which had defensive netting around the pilot’s seat and also two red-tipped boats as landing gear.

According to the information of the source, the vehicle will first be made available to luxury resorts or clubs as a form of recreation over open water and it is one of the two major initiatives at Kitty Hawk. The company didn’t say when the Flyer would go on sale.

Dubbed Cora is a two-seat electric aircraft with 13 rotors that takes off and lands vertically and is composed as a transportation elective in urban communities. The organization is right now testing Cora in New Zealand. On its site, Kitty Hawk says the arrangement is to offer the airplane as “a component of an administration like an aircraft or a rideshare.

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