For the first time, Maryland police are releasing calls from the school shooting. A shooting was reported at Great High School in Maryland on 20th March 2018. The boy who had been shot and this comes just as a group of Wisconsin students protesting about gun violence marching 50 miles to the home of house speakers Paul Rayan.

Right outside room f-05, in the art hatchway, 17-year-old Austin Rollins is shooting, and 16-year-old Jaelynn Willey was shot and, three days later, was removed from life support and a 14-year-old boy who was shot in the thigh during the encounter has been released from a hospital. Meanwhile, police are clearing the classrooms. Maryland Police stated that Rolling was a lovesick teen, and the shooting was not a random act of violence.

A lady assumes control over the 911 call, telling the dispatcher she has Barnes resting. She advises the dispatcher that she’s hesitant to transport the kid to a more secure place, however that he is in pain.

Audio from another 911 call is from a woman who tells a dispatcher she is hiding behind her desk in a classroom in the art hallway, near the site of the shooting. Eleven other students are with her, she says.

“There’s a girl outside my door bleeding on the ground,” the woman tells the dispatcher, saying it appeared that the blood was coming from the girl’s head.

Mother of Great Mills High School Student, Robin London said, “I got a call, from my son that goes to that Great High School and he said mom come and get me, somebody just goes shot.”

One of the students from Great Mills High School said, “Police are going through classrooms and checking, making sure the students are safe.”

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