Mozilla has unveiled the new update for all platform including Android, Windows, Linux, macOS and it promises performance improvements along with a more secure online experience. The latest update will allow you to do more without leaving the web page you are on, however, it comes only after the release of Firefox 60. The sources stated that is the fourth major update to Mozilla’s flagship browser so far.

Mozilla Firefox 61 includes bug fixes, new functions, modifications to the Firefox user interface and security fixes.

A developer and Web platform advocate at Mozilla, Matt Claypotch wrote in the blog post, “One of the most popular uses of browser extensions is to help users better manage their open tabs.” Further, Matt added, “Firefox 61 ships with new extension APIs to help power users use tabs more powerfully.”

Mozilla Firefox 61 new highlights are enhanced execution abilities that expand upon the speed picks up that the Firefox 57 Quantum discharge got Nov 2017.Browsers tab management has received a boost in Firefox 61 which allows users to manage browser tabs more effectively than ever before, however, it has also added support to allow WebExtensions to hide tabs.

Other features of Mozilla update include Tab Warming, even user can quickly access the pages that they frequently visit quickly, so it doesn’t need to be reloaded each time users visit the site.


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