As part of economic growth, Syracuse University’s College of Law labeled as a New York State Science and Technology Law Center. Founded in 1895, Syracuse University College of Law is one of four law school in New York. The center will be sustained by $1.7 million funding from New York State.

The director of the center, Jack Rudnick stated about the new program and its designation. He said that over 30 years, the university started the Technology Commercialization Law Program with the aim to graduate lawyers that could help tech companies. It graduated people in the industry while offering necessary classroom stuff and so on.

The university has strength in Biomedical, so it is planning to shake hands with biotech industry for the particular program. Jack Rudnick said that this is the fifth grant where everyone is looking to transfer and translate technologists, students about marketplace scenario. Every individual transfer their skill to the marketplace and even the people got help from pretty robust for educational and more projects.

Jack Rudnick said, “We’re not the law school, we’re just a piece of it, but everything we do benefit the student is a benefit to the law school”. Further, he added that the law school attracts applicants to get their jobs and that’s the main objective of this program.



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