Every industry continues expansion across the world and developing businesses to offer solutions to their client.  Japanese multinational corporation, Panasonic to make its presence in North America effectively in next month.

The company continues expansion with its latest move with the aim to progress its business solution by combining existing divisions such as Panasonic System Communication Company of North America and Connected Solutions Company North America those are the leading distributor of security camera system.

Its Media Entertainment Company division offers several useful products to the industry and last but not the least Panasonic Factory Solution delivers machinery such as welding robots and other factory systems.

The company about to offer unique and value-added solutions which will create an impact that no one can match. Company’s new division will act as a bridge to connect hardware with its expertise to the software development with intended to grow earnings.

The Digital Solutions Center will play a significant role in Panasonic’s strengthening and will serve as system integrator to offer several services.



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