The legendary hotel in Paris, 120 years after its founding, is auctioning some of its old iconic items. About 10,000 objects organized in 3,500 lots will be sold during a five-day auction next week.

Articular Auctioneer in Charge of the Ritz Event, Stephane Aubert said, “The team are going to sell all of these items of this most famous and legendary hotel,”

Further, he added, “Ritz is certainly the most famous hotel in the world and its unique in the world.”

The auction will be preceded by an exhibition where various items characterizing the atmosphere of the Ritz Hotel are on display. Chairs, tables, dressers, beds, minibars, curtains and painting demonstrate the excellence of French decorative arts.

The Hemingway Bar Room recreates the atmosphere of the place where famous American writer Ernest Hemingway used to spend time when he lived in Paris.

Many Americans are expected to take part in the auction, and Artcurial. The company that organized the event, estimates the sale will fetch about $1.7 million.

The legendary hotel was established in 1898, and after four years of renovation, it reopened in June 2016. Ritz hotel was the first to install a telephone in all their rooms as well as feature private bathrooms.

Along with American Writer Ernest Hemingway, many famous people have stayed at this hotel including Coco Chanel, fashion icon. Princess Diana stayed at the hotel before she died in 1997 while driving through a Paris tunnel.

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