It’s really a big win for Netflix and its team as the company has set up an adaptation of Robert Parker’s ‘Wonderland’ which will bring Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg together for yet another time, however, Peter Berg is set to direct and Mark Wahlberg to star.

The crime drama ‘Wonderland’ which is the part of the Spenser series and written by author Ace Atkins in 2013, who was selected by Parker’s estate after his death in 2010.  Netflix’s crime drama reads, “The story follows Spenser who, fresh out of prison, is sucked back into Boston’s underbelly as he uncovers the truth about a sensational murder and the twisted conspiracy behind it.”

Sources stated that Netflix is looking at Wonderland as the start of a potential series of films centered on Spenser. Its latest announcement comes on the heels of Netflix’s teaming with Skydance and though “Wonderland” the Netflix is ready and willing to tackle these major productions with A-list talent.

Peter Berg is an American producer, writer, director as well as well recognized for acting skills. The black comedy ‘Very Bad Things’, ‘The Rundown’ and many more did phenomenal under Berg’s direction. Multitalented Robert Wahlberg born in 1971 famous for his writing skills and did a great job in other fields too which mainly include producer, businessman, the former model.


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