The new application presented that could help stop the irritating robocalls and in addition tricksters. The Bureau of equity acting against telephone tricks and fraudsters. The most widely recognized guilty parties, robocalls. They are the main buyer dissension to the FCC. Around 2.9 billion of these calls across the nation in only one month.

Robokiller co-creator, Ethan Garr stated that spammers are targeting the most vulnerable in the society. One of the tech company in New Jersey says it has a new remedy an app called Robokiller.

Robokiller initially stops the calls. The application-based administration in split second shields a man from more than 200,00 numbers known to be spammers, telemarketers or tricksters, implies individuals just got a warning on the telephone.

Afterwards, answers bots, code for fake people, used for wasting spammers time through various voice messages. The app getting a little vindictive. The department of justice just filed two complaints, one against the group of scammers that bilked $100 million at the consumers.

Robokiller is an ideal choice to protect from robocalls forever. All need to do is to forward the number to the Robokiller number and all the incoming calls are answered by an app. The makers used the audio fingerprinting process to identify call validity. All the robocalls recorded to the cloud and never bothered by this type of call again, also have control to listen to any recorded call from any number. And this is the beginning of the robocall epidemic.

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