Livonia-based, a full-service product development supplier, Roush invests in world’s largest Powderbed Additive System to make the presence in several industries. The service provider specializes in delivering the solution that other can’t. It combines unique as well as vast experience to produce strategic solutions.

Xline 2000R acquired by Roush. The system consists of rotating platform that can use two modules jointly. The system is not only benefits Roush but also several industries such as automotive, medical, entertainment, energy and so on.

Executive vice president of business development for Roush Enterprises, Dean Massab said, “Roush has invested millions of dollars in new additive manufacturing equipment to expand our reach into more industries”. Through additive manufacturing technology, the company continues the commitment to high-performance and effective solutions.

Over fifteen years, the company delivering prototyping solutions such as 3D printing and its latest investments adds large-frame machines from Stratasys and design for additive and topology optimization to its selective laser sintering.

Business development manager at Roush, Brandy Badami stated, “Roush is a single-source product development supplier for customers”.

Company’s 3D printing capabilities involve advanced materials such as carbon fiber-filled nylon material. Several industries will benefit from an additive system, for instance, aerospace industry clients will advantage from Ultem materials with their high heat.

Badami said, “Companies clients are achieving better performance through expanded opportunities by combining leading expertise in development services as well as innovative services.



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