The UK’s supermarket Sainsbury has said that the sales of clothes, paddling pools, and summer food helped speed up growth in the past few months. The June’s hot weather helped to lift high the sales at the company said by the analyst and these sales also include Argos.

The Chief Executive Mike Coupe said he was pleased with the results and its best growth in four years.

“The recent heat wave helped to boost sales at Sainsbury’s group, as customers turned to the Argos website to buy electric fans and paddling pools to keep cool in the hot weather,” said by the Laith Khalaf an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

The Sainsbury grocery sales increase 3% because there is demand for the British strawberries and its summer eating range. And the food price inflation also contributed to a rise in sales.

The sales of the other main superstores, inflation is driving some of its sales but the Sainsbury performance is the best quarterly performance in years, with sales up across the board. On its successful sales, the boss said the company had managed to “keep a control over prices” and the rise in own label goods is a great success.

Chief executive Mike Coupe said there wasn’t any signal of a huge change in customer behavior although there might be a trend starting to come through.

The most prominent rise is in the clothing sales and it was more than 7%, which is a very strong performance in stark contrast to its opponents on the high street. Customers are watching at their wallets.

Mr. Coupe said “inflation was coming through,” but the Sainsbury was trying to keep prices low by striking deals with suppliers. He pointed out the items which were cheaper than three years ago and those items were chicken, broccoli, and milk.

The latest figure of the company marked an acceleration from the previous quarter when sales grew by just 0.3%.

“Even accounting for a later Easter and Mother’s Day, and the inclusion of a buoyant Argos in the figures, the numbers still present a positive picture,” David Alexander of Global Data said.





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