San Diego-based B2B marketing tech company, Seismic said in the statement that it has acquired Chicago-based SAVO Group. SAVO is the maker of an on-demand sales enablement platform has grown to the global leader in sales enablement since it’s founded. The company did not disclose the details of the deal, however, Seismic will be bringing over about 75 of SAVO’s employees. Before the acquisition, the company had 120 employees. The company also acquired a competing sales and marketing enablement provider, Knowledge Tree last year.

Doug Winter, Co-founder and CEO of Seismic said in the statement, “Sales enablement programs are having a huge impact on revenue for enterprises because they take everything off the plate of the seller, allowing them to focus on building the best relationships with buyers.” Further, Doug added, “However, they require an equally powerful sales enablement solution to really see it through. In that regard, today’s announcement puts even further space between Seismic and the rest of the sales enablement market.”

The acquisition not only helps SAVO Group but also significant for Seismic to extend its product offerings by adding SAVO’s development as well as engineering staffs to its staff.

Doug Winter said, “We are excited to be joined by SAVO Group’s customers and the team as we embark on this next exciting phase of Seismic’s growth.” Further, Doug added, “Regardless of industry or geographic location, the need to ensure that sellers are interacting with buyers in the most beneficial and productive way possible has become recognized as a boon to accelerating sales cycles.”

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