AdSense is major source of income for most of the Bloggers. Getting AdSense approval is not that easy most of the times. Whenever someone’s AdSense application is rejected he or she is replied with the reason of disapproval by the AdSense team.

One reason that is included in many emails is: “Site does not comply with AdSense policies”

In this post, we are going to talk about solution to this problem by listing every possible reason of it and the possible solution which can be done for that reason.

Here are the top 5 reasons due to which AdSense team replies with this Email:

  • Website is having adult content, or some 18+ content (including even romantic poetry)
  • Copied content
  • Crapola
  • Theme related issues ( Yes that happens as well )
  • Using other ad networks

Now we will talk about solutions to all these reasons one by one. If your website too has the same issue, try to solve it as soon as possible.

Reason 1: Website is having adult content

Solution: If your website is having adult content, delete the content immediately. If you cannot delete it due to some reasons, you cannot expect AdSense approval. In that case you can try other ad networks which approve such websites.

If you write some poetry on your Blog, which includes romantic poetry as well you can either delete those posts related to romantic poetry and if that is not possible, simply add some new posts and try to hide that posts related to romantic poetry from homepage and apply again.

Reason 2: Website with copied content

Solution: If your website is having copied content, the only thing you can do is delete that content if you need AdSense approval because AdSense is very strict when comes to its policies.

Reason 3: Crapola

Solution: Crapola is the term used for those websites which try to cover all niches in their Blog. You may have seen Blogs talking about Technology and Fashion at the same time.

In order to solve this problem, try to write related content belonging to same niche for some days and apply again. This can be helpful in getting AdSense approval. (Blogs sharing content about Productivity, Food, Fashion etc. get easy approval then compared to Blogs sharing Technology niche and News niche).

So if you have some Crapola sort of content you can consider writing on niches like productivity in order to get approval.

Reason 4: Theme related issues

Solution: When I applied for hosted AdSense, first time I got a reply that website does not comply with AdSense policies.

I was shocked for a moment as I always share original content. So the same day, I changed theme of my website and applied again without doing any other change and they approved my website.

Not only me but many of other Bloggers also have noticed the same. There are many AdSense optimized themes available which you can choose.

Reason 5: Using other ad networks

Solution: If you are using ad networks like popup ads, or any other ad networks consider removing their ads and try applying again. Otherwise it is better to not to use popup ads even after getting AdSense approval as they kill the user experience.

Even if you have affiliate banners placed you should better remove them before applying for AdSense.

So, if you have got the reply that, “Website does not comply with AdSense policies” try fixing all of the above five issues one by one. Once solved do apply for AdSense again. I hope this will work on your end and your website will get AdSense approval.


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