Powerful images playing out across this country today. Just as a difficult scene played out inside a Florida courtroom at this time. Tens of thousands of students staging a massive coordinated protest gun violence, one month after the shooting rampage killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida. Students from different schools stand with the moment of silence, standing behind the 17 empty chairs while alleged gunman Nikolas Cruz interact with the families of victims.

A sea of students seizing their moments and classmates from more than 3,000 schools walking out with the solidarity with the victims of the parkland shooting while saying when it comes to gun violence they have had enough. In Parkland, they flooded the football field for 17 minutes for each of the three teachers and 14 students killed.

This playing out as the alleged killer came face-to-face with the parents of the victims and those parents reduced to tears. Nikolas Cruz sitting with his head bowed. His lawyers saying, he would plead guilty if the death penalty is off the table.

The heart-wrenching memories of that day etched in the minds of thousands who turned out nationwide. In Washington, D.C., the students turned their backs to the White House and sat in silence. In Evanston, IL the teenagers calling their legislators to demand gun reform. At Columbine, where 13 died, a tribute to the victims of both tragedies.

Students in Parkland making the long walk to a memorial, vowing to never forget those they lost. Sources information stated that it’s called the stop school violence act and it does not address Gun Control at all.

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