For the first time, Tata Motors unveiled the stunning look of H5X which recognize as the hero car of Tata Motors pavilion. It is quite monumental because after Tata bought Jaguar Land Rover this is the first product that is unique and integration between the two companies. This is based off the Land Rover Discovery. L550 platform and of course it comes with Tata’s new impact 2.0 design language.

The model has large size wheels designed uniquely that are going to segment-leading and has slim light integrated. Bumpers right in front and strong lines but the surfaces in kept really clean and strong humanity line attracts the user all around. These are the design cues of impact 2.0.

Both five-seaters and seven-seaters will share FCS 2-liter Four Cylinder MultiJet ii diesel engines but in different states of tunes, 140HP for the five-seater and 170 HP for seven-seater. Two wheels and four-wheel drive variant are also expected to be on offer. If this is what the future is then certainly is wow. The Tata going to blow user even further with the kind of pricing that is going to put forward for what is going to be arrival. The car expected to price around thirteen Lakhs for the five-seater and seventeen for the seven-seater version and expected to launch in 2019.


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