According to recent report, twitter at the moment is closing fake and inactive accounts. This was concluded after twitter discovered that there are several inactive and fake accounts created in other people’s identity. According to twitter, this decision was based on security purpose and making the social platform more secure.

On Thursday early last week, twitter conducted account verification and security levels to individual account and halted several account. Nevertheless, this was a very hard blow to some of the twitter most followed celebrities. According to the analyses done to several celebrities, it was reported that most fo the celebrities lost millions of followers after this decision by twitter.

According to these celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor swift and Justin Bieber each lost couple of followers. Katy Perry lost almost 1.5 million followers whereas the other two celebrities lost almost 1 million followers. Reports says that this was a great decision made by twitter in ensuring that the people using this social media service get the best and secure accounts as possible.

More so, twitter itself had a great drop on the followers than any other primary account. After the closer of the fake and inactive twitter account, twitter experienced a drop of nearly 10 million users. Research showed that before the closer of this fake and inactive accounts, twitter had anticipated a drop of 7% on the total number of user.

According to twitter this closer of fake and inactive accounts was to eliminate artificial boosting of followers which was noted. User use bots to boost and increase their followers which the twitter security team termed as malicious to the platform. According to twitter artificial boosting is associated with cybercrimes and this was one of the major problems in which social media platforms are faced with.

Twitter on the other hand reported that rooting of this fake account was purposely done to bring back people’s faith in the platform and encourage every sector in advertising and announcing notices through this platform. This exercise conducted surely will bring back the attention to potential investors and more so the faith to the daily users.


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