The local police officials told a sad news to the Newspaper Dawn. Two foreign climbers who are busy in attempting to scale the Pakistani mountain Nanga Parbat have gone missing. Let’s have a look at the details of this sad incident.

The name of the climbers is Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galacan. One of them belong to Spain and the other from the Argentina. They were climbing on the “killer mountain” of the Pakistan and gone missing. Yes, the “Killer Mountain” means Nanga Parbat.

These two climbers were a part of the other 14-member group of foreign climbers. And the team which they belongs have different foreign members belonging to the different countries of the world including, Spain, Italy, Korea, and Argentina. These two climbers who are missing now left the base camp of the Nanga Parbat in the District Diamer of Gilgit-Baltistan to top the peak on June 18.

The police of that area said that after attempting the climb, 12 of the members of the team have returned back to the base camp while these two climbers who were at that time on the higher camp have not been in contact with any of the base members for the past three days. And it is fear that a snow inundation to have hit these missing climbers.

The organizer of the expedition named Muhammad Iqbal told Dawn that the rescue operation for the finding of the missing climbers is underway.

He said that 40 ad 50 local porters and guides were accompanying the team for the climb and this usually takes about 45 days. He added to his comment that, none of the groups managed to reach the summit or peak due to heavy snow avalanche and intemperate weather. The organizer of the Expedition also said that they have been requested to the Army Aviation Authority to provide the helicopter for the rescue operation to trace the missing climbers.

Four years ago nine of the foreign tourists and their guide had been killed by the militants around Nanga Parbat. And this is the reason behind the discouragement of the foreign tourists from endeavoring to climb the peak until December 2015.



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