An American motorcycle manufacturer, UM Renegade unveils exclusive first look of the UM renegade thor. UM, Renegade Thor is the world’s first electric cruiser motorcycle. It is the production model of the company and its delivery will start in September 2018 because the company intends to launch this all-electric renegade in Indian Market as well.

The stylish model expected to launch in 2020. It does not just look nice, but it has 270km riding range with the top speed of 180 kmph along with the quick charging option. Bike’s bulky lithium-iron battery highlights and captures attraction instead of the internal combustion engine.

The electric motor makes 30kW power, 70 Nm of Torque to achieve top speed and helping a bike to charge up to 80 percent in around forty minutes. The bike has 5-speed transmission along with reverse gears, LED lights and anti-lock brakes. Prices for Thor begins with four lakhs ninety thousand rupees, but a bike will only available two years later.

The company will be offering mainly three types of chargers for its upcoming motorcycle. The smallest battery is seven and a half KWH battery, then there is 15KWH battery and the third one is the 27-kWh battery which will offer up to 270 km. The smallest battery even promises to offer 81km. Its other features include twin adjustable shocks at back. The company stated that the model is in the still prototyping stage, but it will hint how the motorcycle will look.


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