The applicants wishing to visit the United States can now ask for their social media accounts. The Trump administration has agreed on plans to ask US visa applicants for details of their social media use. United States President says it could help to find out applicants who intend harm. The move also allows authorities to request email addresses, phone numbers and 15 years of biographical information. A State Department official said,” This can be requested when more rigorous national security is needed”. According to the sources, around 0.5% of visa applicants will be given the survey, the state department expects.

The travelers are not being asked for the passwords to these accounts and consular officers will not be going into the social media. But the applicants will face the questions related to the employment details, siblings and so on. Adam Schwartz said,” We see this as part of a larger pattern of the federal government scrutinizing the social media of presumably blameless foreigner”. Further, Adam added, “They weren’t thinking about what might look suspicious to a consular official”. Visitors to the United States have not previously been out on notice. Enemies have stated that the checks could lead to extended, the collection of personal information not relevant to security checks. Information provided by the applicant is voluntary, that individual who does not provide the requested information may be denied a US visa”. Last year, US Customs and Border Protection forwarded a proposal to request social media identifiers for travelers using the Visa Waiver program. Using the social media activity for the security purpose is increasingly common in the United States.


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