Governors from border states like Texas and Arizona welcoming the president’s push to send in the national guard in the fight against illegal immigration, saying help is needed. But in California officers says, “We look forward to more details.” And so far, the Trump Administration is showed on. They won’t say how many troops, how long they will be deployed or the cost.

The new national guard order comes just a day after president trump surprised his own advisors with the idea. Trump said, “We are going to be guarding our border with the military.”

US troops are barred from arresting illegal border crossers, but past presidents have used the National Guard to support the border patrol with things like intelligence gathering. Aides say the president wants those troops at the border immediately. Recently, White House facing the questions about sudden sense of urgency.

As for his border wall, after the president suggested he might try to use military funds to build it which would take an act of Congress, the White House tried to clarify.

Pentagon officials said that the military does not actually own land on the US-Mexico border. Mexico says it has been assured by the administration that the National Guard troops on the border will not be armed and will not serve as border patrol agents. They do warn if this deployment results in the militarization of the border then it would seriously damage the bilateral relationship.

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