Two American astronauts and one Russian ready to blast off for a two-day flight to the International Space Station on Wednesday from Kazakhstan. Under the command of Russian colleague Oleg Artemyev, astronauts Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel lifted off from Kazakhstan for a five-month mission in a Soyuz MS-08.

The ISS mission comes during a period of stressed relations amongst Russia and the West, with the nation reprimanded for the harming of a previous Kremlin spy in Salisbury and intruding in the US election.

The three crew members have been in space previously although NASA duo Feustel and Arnold, have never served on a long-length spaceflight. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said, “Three people will leave planet Earth on Wednesday for a journey to humanity’s orbiting laboratory”.

Three astronauts prepared for their flight that scheduled to arrive at the ISS on Friday. In the development of the dispatch, Russian media scope homed in on Artemyev taking to the orbital research center a football that is required to commence the 2018’s World Cup.

The 47-year-old, Artemyev said, “We are taking a ball with us. Possibly the one that will be used in the first game.” Artemyev’s Russian space agency colleague, Anton Shkaplerov is relied upon to bring the ball down to earth under two weeks previously the national group goes up against Saudi Arabia in the competition opener on Jun 14.

The US as of late forced crisp endorses on Russia after a test into interfering in the 2016 decision of Donald Trump.


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